Marijuana Plantation

Understanding Types of Marijuana

First off, till we begin discussing what different kinds of marijuana can be found, let’s talk about marijuana as a whole.

What Is Marijuana?

Compounds such as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) impact our bodies as we analyze it, and scientists are blown out when they found out. Different strains that are specific offsprings of one sort of cannabis make it indica that sativa or ruderalis include different trace amounts of those materials. Those compounds are what creates different highs as soon as you eat different strains of marijuana. The London pound cake strain is a popular choice among the people right now.

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa

The visual appeal of this plant is tall, stocky, and consists of thin, shiny leaves. The buds tend to separate a lot and get covered with a resinous substance. The plant’s growth period is long, about 8-14 weeks until flowering, and marijuana plants start producing buds just before the end of the flowering period, with some buds sprouting faster than others.

From a medical perspective, this type of marijuana is often used to remedy mental disorders and pain. One of the pervasive disorders used to deal with his depression is that it is very stimulating. It seems to directly affect the receptor of the head, which affects the production of serotonin. Another disadvantage that is often used for healing is ADHD because it helps to acquire the ability to concentrate and maintain attention.

Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica

This plant is probably short and bushy, as the leaves appear to be close to the buds and are carefully grouped. Its leaves are incredibly thick and incredibly toothed, and the color of this plant is probably green. This large plant is body-oriented and could cause the “couch potting” we often associate with marijuana use. For this reason, it is best to smoke the night before going to bed because this will allow you to calm down and relax.

From a medical point of view, this type of marijuana is often used to support physiological disorders. It is marijuana often given to cancer patients because it stimulates appetite, reduces nausea and vomiting, and relieves chemotherapy’s pain. It is also often prescribed to help with sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Cannabis Ruderalis

Cannabis Indica

This type of marijuana has effects ranging from Sativa, for example, to Indica-like effects. This species has been triggered in Russia and grows in the Appalachians. This strain is relatively easy to grow because of the harsh climate it seems to come from. Many growers use Ruderalis to grow different plants. The main reason is that these plants have an auto-flowering gene, so for their remarkable growth, it is not necessary to separate females from males. This is much more suitable for many plant breeders, as it facilitates reproduction.

The smell of marijuana varies depending on the Ruderalis variety under discussion, and the type of smoke produced. The results also differ considerably between the different Ruderalis strains. Occasionally you will find a more sativa high or perhaps a more indexed high. This is because each different strain produces different quantities of the substances listed above, produced for different high types. Besides, it is used to treat pain and be consumed much more efficiently during the day than Indica.

Additional Insights

This can barely touch the face of this type of marijuana. Each of these species has hundreds, perhaps thousands, of specific breeds in between. If you are looking for buds and say that you need Sativa, there are probably many alternatives. Bud’s strains are better suited to medical programs, and some strains are rarely used in clinics.

People who are considering using marijuana should make sure that the local laws are respected.